chapter3. a good place in life to be.

If you are lucky, it is the time when passion is joining experience.
It is also a period when it gets more obvious what you stand for, and where to engage.
I am very fond of the quote of Aviation pioneers Orville und Wilbur Wright´s: 

"The best dividends on the labour invested have invariably come from seeking more knowledge rather than more power." March 12, 1906

30 + years experience in the Sports- and Lifestyle Industry have shaped me.
As an entrepreneur we have established brands like Mistral, Killer Loop, PROTECTIVE, BLAX and Generics on the international Snowboard Market.
In executive Management Positions with Divisional Budget responsibilities at companies like HEAD and Mistral I was in charge of international Brand-, and Business Development topics.

New Business,- Brand Development and Change Management are the common denominator of my entrepreneurial and Executive Management life.

Since 2014 I am working across industries as a free consultant and coach in Brand-building, Rebranding and Interim Management Projects.