DNA content 

helping leaders with positioning & telling strategic stories.

Developing AND delivering  
the strategic stories of your brand  for the DECISION MAKERS bonfire.

Companies are missing the point when marketing campaigns are selling products.

CONSUMERS are buying values not products.

  1. We live in a world of information overflow and fake news. The worldwide web has not made it better. The empowerment of consumers comes with the challenge to decide whom to believe.
  2. Companies and brands not changing their communication attitude still selling features and benefits will lose their consumers with time.
  3. Nike´s recent "dream crazier" campaign is a perfect example of emphasizing values. 
  4. What does it need? The Positioning is based on your customers expectation and unfulfilled wishes and you are perfectly aware why you are the one and only to fulfill these wishes. Your DNA is defined and lived in your company culture, and you have a longterm blue print and examples for your corporate communication. DNA content.
  5. The last challenge is around aligning on the new stories, implementing and training in the functional areas like product development, sales and marketing.